Among the Biedermanns
04 November 2016

My recent publication at 'Kunst und Kultur': Germany 'brown' again?

Jaber Albakr
17 October 2016

Solely in Leipzig jail:
for 'Spiegel Online' in JVA Leipzig: pictures around the cell of Jaber Albakr, who was accused to plan a terroristic blast. He committed suicide after three days in prison.

Jamel - a folkish German village
15 September 2016

My recent publication at 'Kunst und Kultur': Jamel, a small village in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, where a single couple struggles against the folkish-national rest of the community.

Database now online for customers
04 November 2016

Turkish Wrestling at Berlin Quarterly
26 October 2014

Gaza Demonstrations Berlin
04 November 2016

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